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Powerful branding for challengers

We partner with audacious, bold clients ready to unlock their potential. Our guided, research-driven process captures what’s uniquely compelling about our clients to build brands that resonate–and are adopted. Always with curiosity and care.


Foundational branding strategy and design for new or young brands.


Branding and strategy transformations to power your next stage.


Leadership and support for growing brands.

Select Clients

We built our skills by working with clients of all sizes across a wide range of industries. In the process, we learned we do our best work translating complex offerings and new ideas into compelling brands with the power to redefine the future.
So now, we focus on bringing connection and clarity to climate, clean tech, global non-profits, and legacy industry innovators.
TED Conferences

United Nations
Stanford University
Ford Foundation
Rockefeller Philanthropy
Sundance Institute
Johnny B. Haircare
Reckon / AL Media
TED Countdown
City of Austin
Popular Science

Our Approach

Our proven process is our secret sauce, and how we reliably uncover great brands that resonate. Our guided process harnesses what’s powerful about each brand, and deliver useful, enduring value that goes above and beyond the brief.


Expert Guidance,
Every Step of the Way

We’re partners in your success. So we manage every project, set every meeting, and guide every step from start to finish. Our workflow minimizes common points of failure, and guarantees nothing falls through the cracks. As a result over 95% of projects launch on or ahead of schedule, delivering breakthrough clarity every time.


Endless Curiosity,
Hard at Work

Your brand is how you show up. It’s a big deal. So every project begins with discovery and research. We dig deep to uncover core truths, learn about your brand, business, market and context. Research insights offer clarity–and very often yield transformative business value beyond the brief.



We keep your broader business and mission as our guiding north. Research insights then guide clear positioning and effective brand strategy. Step by step, we build brands that feel right, and deliver breakthrough results. This allows us to meet immediate business needs while creating long-term value.


Designed in Your Image

We partner with bold clients who are ready to emerge. We truly see our clients and design brands that capture what’s compelling about them in their voice, so they can stand out and succeed. And our all-expert team and broad network of specialists means we can deliver the goods for whatever you need.


Brand Research and Strategy

Insights and strategy to reach goals and guide decisions with confidence.
  • Customer & Stakeholder Research
  • Brand Audit & Architecture
  • Market & Competitive Analysis
  • Values Articulation
  • Positioning
  • Brand Story & Messaging
  • Transformation Planning
  • Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity systems for clients ready to make their mark.
  • Logo & Brand Essentials
  • Visual Identity Systems
  • Custom Brand Typefaces
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Verbal, Voice & Tone Guidelines
  • Brand Templates

Production and Design

Creative that brings your brand to life. Should your product need other specialized work, we’re connected to creatives all over the world—so clients get the best experts for the job.
  • Animation & Motion
  • Packaging
  • Brand Collateral & Merch
  • Signage, Wayfinding & interiors

Brand Campaign and Rollout

Launching and driving adoption for the new brand internally and publicly.
  • Marketing Strategy & Playbook
  • Brand Trainings & Workshops
  • Campaign Creative
  • Announcement Materials & Campaigns
  • Social Media & Email

Creative Support and Leadership

Creative leadership that supports your short and long-term success.
  • Fractional Brand Leadership
  • Building Design Teams & Capabilities
  • Ongoing Creative & Marketing
  • Brand Tune-Ups
  • Special Projects

“Working with In-House International was one of the more joyful processes I’ve experienced in developing a brand identity. […] the creative process was a delight, because they did an incredible job in listening, then delivering exciting options that reflected our needs, passions, and ambitions. We really felt that they were partners in our mission.”

Kamal Sinclair, Director of New Frontier Lab Programs,

Sundance Institute

“I am super excited about the designs [In-House] created! They literally made me cry—the work was invariably thoughtful, original, and hit every note. I cannot say enough wonderful things about their creativity, professionalism, dedication, and understanding of what we were trying to accomplish.”

Olivia San Miguel

Program Manager, Facebook (Latinos in Tech)

“The In-House team helped us create something that went far beyond our basic needs or expectations. They took the time to understand our organization deeply and designed something that is not only beautiful and original, but that makes the content itself stronger."

Dustin Sposato, Communications & Partnerships Manager,

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

“Partnering with In-House for our branding was enlightening and powerful. They guided us through the strategic process, uncovered our values, and captured our DNA perfectly across the brand design, so we finally resonate as we've always wanted. They overdeliver on all fronts, it's been transformative. I highly recommend working with them.”

Ron Berry

Founder & Executive Director, Fusebox

Who We Are

In-House Int’l is a branding consultancy based in Austin, TX and operating remotely since 2011. Michu, Lope, Alex, and Luis have worked together for over a decade and bring a wide range of expertise, from journalism to publishing and business, which has enabled them to see and solve problems from every angle. Over time, we’ve developed sharp internal processes that produce consistently strong branding and groundbreaking results for our clients.

In addition to our team, we proudly partner with expert collaborators around the world, extending our capabilities with the best creatives in the business.

Michu Benaim Steiner

CEO / Partner / Strategy Lead

Michu leads the studio and In-House’s awesome team by setting creative and business strategy. She wears many hats to feed her curiosity, and makes things–mostly with people, always through stories. Over the years, she’s founded culture magazines (three to date), a civic app, worked as a journalist, sat on a few boards and adopted an infinity of ‘indoor-kid‘ hobbies. Asking questions and collaborating are both at the core of her design practice. She has a B.A. in philosophy and comparative literature from UNC Chapel Hill and an M.B.A. from the McCombs School of Business in the University of Texas at Austin. She frequently speaks about art and creativity, being female in business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and other ships…

Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz

Partner / Project Lead

Lope leads groundbreaking creative projects in the arts, education and non-profit sectors. He’s a creative who translates complex, important ideas into irresistibly compelling design that gets results. Lope’s a former journalist, the co-founder of multiple arts magazines with global distribution, and a civic news platform.

He’s also a TED Fellow, JSK Fellow at Stanford, Next City / Vanguard Fellow, and conference speaker.

Alexander Wright

Partner / Design Lead

Alex creates design systems that capture what they represent. For nearly 20 years, he’s developed effective brand identities that stand the test of time. Alex is the lead designer at In-House’s type foundry, developing award- winning custom and commercial typefaces. He started his career as a designer for his own audio- visual collective and art directing high-profile Latin American publications. His work has been featured throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Luis Carlos Redondo

Senior Designer

Luis is a designer, illustrator and animator whose work spans Europe, Australia, and North and South America. He specializes in motion graphics, 3D animation and inventive, mind-bending augmented reality. He’s created work for HBO, Samsung, VICE and Lenovo. His work has been exhibited Beijing Design Week, the National Museum of Australia, and ACMI.

What We’re Like


We learn, hire and stretch to meet client goals. We’re ingenious, versatile, ambitious and capable.


We listen, probe, and dig. In our work, we’re perceptive, attuned, incisive, and intuitive. Insights can come from unexpected sources.


We’ll say the difficult things, and treat clients as peers. We value genuine, forthright, independent people and processes.


We guide clients through every step of the process. We’re also the kind of partner our clients never worry about; we deliver on our promises in full and on time.