Reckon: Branding

In 2019, Reckon — then a two year old publication in Alabama — was in a process of transformation. The Reckon team found a clear focus: media for a new generation of Southerners shaping and expanding the notions of what it means to be Southern.

We started working with Reckon at the tail end of an extensive process of discovery led by Tiny Co’s Tran Ha. Now that Reckon knew who it was as a company, it needed a brand to match… With Ha’s research at hand, we collected Southern graphics and references. In our design kick-off captured insights about visual language that could represent the brand’s values.


We approach every brand project focused on developing expressive systems (as opposed to centering a logo). Reckon gave us an opportunity to connect to big ideas as part of that process, and translate them into components, layouts, images that express what Reckon is about in its own key contexts.

Branding / Digital & Web

The Reckon brand system we delivered has the bones to expand broadly. The final delivery included the logo, colors, icons, graphic photo treatments, wayfinding to signal when social media stories have multiple parts. It also included unique, memorable layouts for web, icons and buttons for each of their coverage sections, and ready to use layouts, templates and motion. And t-shirts, of course.

Hopscotch: A Brand to Launch a Museum

Hopscotch is a ‘uniquely curated interactive art experience’, a not-quite-a-museum of immersive digital art meant to encourage participants to be present and take part. It’s branding follows suit, and we created an interactive, scalable identity that will grow with Hopscotch as it evolves.