Facebook for Business:
Good Ideas Festival

Branding and motion graphics for a virtual event by Boost with Facebook.

Boost with Facebook is a program that provides an extra boost to small businesses with access to free training, events, live support, and more to help them build something bigger. The program includes ways to build skills, learn from a community of other businesses, get human support and inspiration from other businesses.


The Good Ideas Festival, by Boost with Facebook, is a program of online activities in which for one day a week, over the course of 6 weeks, the “Good Ideas” Festival (re)connects small businesses around the world, providing thought leadership, training and a SMB contest all to help Good Ideas be Found.

Digital & Web / Animation / Branding

The theme for this first issue of the Festival was “Reconnection” — and it was a fantastic choice: each week, FB transported attendees through towns around the world sharing the Good Ideas of local businesses, focusing on some of the hardest hit COVID industries. It also incorporated relevant FB trainings, and showed stories on how SMBs are adapting, and connecting, with their communities during these difficult times.


Our design and motion graphics package was inspired by the Facebook for Business iconography, as well as the development of a color palette to play harmoniously with the known Boost with Facebook one.

Motion-wise, we paired the use of rhythmical repetition of words and patterns, with several layers of assets: overlapped from looped videos to repeating icons to expanding typefaces — everything was tested and many different versions of transitions were built, to keep audiences engaged during the multi-day, multi-hour event broadcasted worldwide.


Overall, a delightful graphics package built for engagement over different platforms, for a one-of-a-kind event.