Facebook CS:
Groups for Brands Book

One if a long line of books published internally at Facebook and designed with the highest standards of quality, “Groups” is a primer for brands looking to understand how audiences use Facebook.

Facebook NYC commissioned In-House International to develop a book, and its accompanying workbook, to help brands across the globe using Facebook as an advertising and engagement platform. Main goal of the book is to share insights on how contemporary audiences use the platform, but also to provide guidance on how to approach community audiences more successfully.

Branding / Typography / Print & Editorial

The book provides frameworks for understanding and fostering positive communities online, and was distributed to two main reader groups: 1) Marketing teams at brands and companies, and 2) Facebook’s own team members working with some of the largest brands worldwide.


The Groups book was ambitious on its scale, and the flexible editorial system that we designed was built to help users easily navigate the book, no matter if in depth or at a cursory glance. It includes chapters on best practices, accompanied by detailed case studies, and analysis worksheets.

Design-wise, the book is a delightful practical guide, supported by thoughtful design details, such as sticker illustrations joined by a sticker system, which helps take the community-mindset of the book beyond its colorful pages!

In addition to the stickers, we built a circular die-cut cover that allows the readers to “peek” into the book’s content! Lastly, a visual index shows through the book-block, for ease of navigation.