Central Texas Dermatology brand applications. On the left, brand in use on a social media story layout. On the right, a branded retail bag.

Central Texas Dermatology

A new brand for a two-pronged clinic and med-spa celebrates time and texture with a personal touch. 

Central Texas Dermatology (CTD) is an independent practice in Austin’s toniest neighborhood. It runs its own med spa, SkinCare Austin. Together, the clinics focus on local, lifelong health for the whole family. 

Dermatology is fiercely competitive and has faced industrywide private equity-backed consolidation. So CTD decided to invest in visibility, and earn pride of place in their community. Their new brand needed to do two things:

  (1)  Standout presence that attracts new patients to invest in long term, personalized care and beauty.

  (2)  Improve patient cross-awareness the medical clinic and cosmetic practice, to increase crossover patient care.


Every branding process begins with discovery and research. Discovery reveals the client: their goals, needs, quirks, and values. Research reveals the context: competitors, the market, risks, and opportunities. 


The CTD / SKA team was warm and genuine. We were instantly struck by their approach to care: personal, local, lifelong, for the whole family.  The two clinics defied tide of corporate medicine, but their previous brand was sterile and cold.


The task was clear: reposition local, doctor-owned clinics so they’re more compelling to patients than the convenience of chain derm clinics.

Branded Notecard for Central Texas Dermatology


The upscale location guided how we positioned ‘local’. Unsurprisingly local patients want personal, lifelong care from trusted practitioners. Because this is a rare setup in healthcare, patients viewed this proposition as inherently luxurious. 


We translated that insight into a visual language that’s rooted in West Austin, and steeped in markers of time and heritage–an aesthetic that’s luxurious, a bit nostalgic, but updated. The brand identity features rich warm palette, elegant wordmarks, textural topography and looping knots. The graphics frame a suggested photo style that favors casual over posed, foliage over stark minimalism, natural or warm lit interiors, people enjoying their lives at every age.

The logos Central Texas Dermatology and SkinCare Austin share the same looping knot icon and type treatment. They follow the same graphic guidelines, ensuring patients recognize the relationship between the brands.


The new design sets brand apart from competitors. Featuring imagery of a life lived confidently, natural lighting, and rich colors, it has instantly resonated with patients looking for trusted, ongoing care and beauty at every age.

The new identity system clearly links the med spa and the clinic as part of the same brand, making it easier for patients to access care and cosmetic services seamlessly.


Through the process, Central Texas Dermatology and SkinCare Austin gained new confidence in their approach and presence.  A staff brand training session and close collaboration with marketing partner (and studio friends) 3rd + Lamar has set the foundation for both local clinics to thrive in a tough competitive context.

The In-House team combined efficiency and thoughtfulness with the amazing capability to figure out the right direction for our brand. They guided us so every step was clear and I enjoyed the entire process! Our new logo and brand package truly communicates the unique profile and services of our locally owned boutique dermatology practice. I am thrilled with the result. In-House runs an organized process and delivers fabulous creative. They are the best!

Dr. Emily Prosise

Owner, Central Texas Dermatology