Analog Research Lab

Series of posters developed through the years for Facebook and the Facebook Analog Research Lab.

The Facebook Analog Research Lab is an internal print shop at FB, which creates a never-ending stream of print materials aimed at promoting a creative environment and a positive culture of ownership within the company.


Over the years we have made several posters series, celebrating different ideas, in a wide-ranging series of techniques and in several cases incorporating collaborators from all around the world. This (in continuous development) page features just a sample of many of the posters we have created for them recently.

Illustration & Lettering / Typography / Print & Editorial

P. R. I. D. E.

For example, in 2018 the team at Facebook Analog Research Lab commissioned In-House Int’l to creare a series of posters to celebrate Pride, each one by a different designer. The six individual prints each spell out a single letter or number “P”, “R”, “I”, “D”, “E” and “18.”


They partnered with our studio to produce the set. We selected and invited LGBTQ+ designers to produce pieces as part of a collaboration process across borders and time zones. Over four conference calls, designers jointly decided on a conceptual approach and workshopped their posters from initial rough drafts through their final design — with spectacular results! The guest designers / Illustrators / typographers for this project included this amazing group of people:


Resistenza Type (link)

Ximena Jimenez (link)

Lauren Dickens (link)

Claudia Gizell Aparicio Gamundi (link)

Dan Polyak (link)

Carlos Castro Lugo (link)

This Is Now Your Company.

Facebook is a rapidly growing company. So cultivating a strong, resilient culture rooted in their values is a priority for the company. To that end, they commissioned this typeface-based poster as a welcome piece, a symbol of belonging given to all new hires in their English-speaking offices at the end of their kick-off “orientation” days.

Find Your Tribe.

Another in the series of posters provided to new hires upon their welcome to Facebook, the Find Your Tribe poster was produced in a series of color combinations so people could pick their favorite versions.