Medio Informativo Newspaper

Medio Informativo is a semi-annual newspaper published by the School of Architecture at the UCV.

It features projects related to architecture, urban planning and the investigation of South American spaces with particular interest in “the realms of architecture and urban planning, reflection about physical and museum-related spaces […] the relationship of academia with the community and how it reflects on the different practices that take place in public and private spaces.” In-House Partner Alexander led the redesign for this nationally renowned publication.

Branding / Print & Editorial

The redesign was based on the use of straight lines and angles, text-boxes with solid colored backgrounds. Our approach to layout included the use of varying levels of transparency for images, and a recurrence of the use of bleed on both images and text. The minimalist color palette was chosen in the interest of providing clean backdrops for architectural drawings and images placed throughout the journal.

Medio Informativo is printed in tabloid format, and is folded for distribution. The cover invariably features a full-page image alongside the index for that edition. You can click here to read issue #12 in its entirety. (Update: Wow! The digital version on Issuu has been read over 100,000 times!)

Color, shape and composition are the visible components of the new, bold, geometric, modular, perfectly unbalanced identity you see here today. But it is the result of iterative sameness, failure, and self doubt transformed by time. “Spending a month looking at the same elements, moving them around, working insistently on them each day” enabled a personal artistic breakthrough. The result is a modular visual language that feels true to its author and to the moment. It’s adaptable and open to change, but in the end, gravitating to primary geometric systems is an act of freedom: succinct and portable, a visual ethos that travels well.

Trust is a powerful force in creative partnerships. Fordistas was the gift of time and (mental) space to discover the humanity and art within the designer. Behind this book and this brand is a project that makes way for emergence; a brand that’s colorful, bold and can visibly champion the work it supports.

Wizz: Streetwear Brand

Wizz is an apparel brand that retails in parts of South America and the Caribbean.