Perfora Variable Font

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNÑOPQRSTUVWXYZ - 0123456789 - abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz -

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNÑOPQRSTUVWXYZ - 0123456789 - abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz -

Perfora – Variable Font

Perfora is the typographic antidote to our relentlessly anxious and uncertain times. On one hand, Perfora is heavy, monospaced and brick-like. It feels secure, permanent, reliable. On the other, Perfora is extra variable—stretching taller or growing wider as needed—so all your words can fit perfectly together.

And this seeming contradiction is the sweet spot we’ve all been missing: sturdy but not rigid. Named for its punch-hole shaped counters and eyes, Perfora is a flexible powerhouse that’s easy to use, stack, and click into any shape. Use it to assemble everything from dynamic logos to posters and festival lineups, from seamlessly responsive titles to instantly recognizable product lines.  

Perfora features two uppercase styles—rounded and angular—punctuation, numbers, latin diacritics, and stylistic alternates for a subset of characters. It also includes 19 ornamental glyphs to compose with flair and add some rhythm to your copy. It’s available (and recommended) as a variable type (.ttf) for designers using compatible platforms. It’s also available in opentype format (.otf) as a set of 25 static fonts, spanning 5 widths and 5 heights.

Perfora was created by In-House International, designed by Alexander Wright, art directed by Michu Benaim Steiner, and developed by Rodrigo Fuenzalida. 

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