In-House Int’l:
Experimental Prints

An annual series playing with experimental printing techniques.

At the end of each year, as temperatures drop, chocolate is poured, and we gather around the (virtual) fireplace here at the studio, we always do one last thing before closing shop for the year: we make a print, always in the same format, and always embracing a new printing or design technique. Some examples of the most recent ones are below.

Print & Editorial

We have made prints using metallic foil, iridescent foil, screen printing, glow-in-the-dark paint, and more. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter or to reach out if you would like to receive one!

Fordistas: Un-Branding

The prompt that created this brand is deceptively simple: reimagine Fordistas. Break it, bend it, color it, change it… make it yours.